About Our Company

Digital Rainbow Project Consultants are one of the Young and growing organizations in the Information Technology sector which keeps changing very frequently. We provide timely and affordable cutting-edge IT solutions & services to the clients.

We are a preferred partner for our clients of diverse industries that are integrated with IT, to whom we provide market-best Software Testing services, BI services, Big Data services, IT security services, Cloud services, IT Recruitment services and cloud-based on-demand solutions. All these solutions and services help the clients in enhancing their core IT operations and capabilities and help them in making better use of the New Generation technologies while reaping better ROI.

  • The Vision

  • The Mission

  • The Competency



Whether you are seeking a second opinion, some short term advice or an entirely new long term vision, you will be receiving support and guidance from a team of highly qualified individuals with a passion for problem solving and generating the results you want to see in your business. Digital Rainbow's consulting services broadly falls into six key areas.

  • Manage Legacy Applications
  • Integrate Disparate IT
  • Develop a Custom IT Solutions
  • CRM as a Platform
  • Become a Digitally Native Business
  • Transition Your IT to the Cloud

Project & Portfolio Management

Our Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities are designed to help you put in place world- class management for business and technology change programmes. We boost your in-house PPM delivery capability and help you define your business plan so your goals are realistic and achievable and align to your organisation's business strategy. We aim to help you take the risk out of change, by reducing complexity and improving efficiency.

Business Architecture, Design & Analysis

In our experience, change always brings uncertainty. So greater certainty in change transformation and delivery is what is required for your business to be successful. At Digital Rainbow, we're experts in preparing your business for change and in mitigating the risk around change. Our Business Architecture, Design and Analysis Practice skilfully designs change, to give you more certainty in the process. Working from the outset and undertaking change formulation, through to delivery, where we engineer your business processes and requirements, we guide you through the entire change life cycle.

Request for call back

We aim to respond to all routine enquiries within 5 business days. More complex enquiries may require longer than 5 business days.