About Us

Digital Rainbow Project Consultants are one of the Young and growing organizations in the Information Technology sector which keeps changing very frequently. We provide timely and affordable cutting-edge IT solutions & services to the clients.

We are a preferred partner for our clients of diverse industries that are integrated with IT, to whom we provide market-best Software Testing services, BI services, Big Data services, IT security services, Cloud services, IT Recruitment services and cloud-based on-demand solutions. All these solutions and services help the clients in enhancing their core IT operations and capabilities and help them in making better use of the New Generation technologies while reaping better ROI.

The Vision

We envision leveraging state of the art, ever evolving technologies, exploring latent talents, harmonizing critical systems, building path breaking, decisive business solutions, adding value and delivering quality results to our clients. Internally, the vision is to foster a work environment that nurtures talent, empowers people and rewards performances.

The Mission

To study, understand, analyze the complex businesses of our clients, design, deploy right fit and next generation solutions by continuous improvement of process frame work that adds value, reduces costs & risks, increase productivity, improves efficiency and ensures continuous, durable business growth and enduring success.

The Core Competency

Positioning our clients’ first is embedded in Digital Rainbow’s culture, thus it is in our DNA. Our Core Competency lies in investing in our people and resources, we bring new, out-of-box ideas and innovation to help you succeed in a changing business environment. We continuously keep investing in People, Processes and Technology to bring in a sense of synchronized harmony and to be - future ready. Digital Rainbow Project Consultants always adopts a sustainable approach to building Core Competencies in rich, varied and myriad domain expertise. We are conscious of the fact that growth is inextricably linked to the well-being of our ecosystem – our customers, employees, business partners, and environment.